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#100HappyDays  I am happy that #library volunteers never seem to judge my book haul.

#100HappyDays I am happy that #library volunteers never seem to judge my book haul.

Like you, my blog has a name and a birthday.

She was born on August 6th, 2012. Her birthname was Rarasaur.wordpress.com.

Like you, she has a destiny– one that, perhaps, has already been written on the stars, or whispered into the body of a celestial entity, or scribed on the palm of earth’s mother.

Since my efforts with Blogging 201 have turned up a lot of questions regarding my purpose and personality, I’d figure I’d consult the occult.


Here’s what it had to say:

horoscope, leo

Unlike me, but perhaps not surprisingly, Rarasaur.wordpress.com (or as I like to call her, Rawr) was born under the Leo sun sign.  The most likeable trait of a Leo is exuberance.  Special colors are gold and orange.  Special animal is the cat.  It is a masculine sign.  Leo’s are splendid hosts, great friends, and larger-than-life. They perhaps place too much import on outwards appearance, which may be why they seem to stand out from the crowd.

aries moon, horoscope

Rawr’s moon lives in Aries.  The disparity between the cool moon and fiery aries creates a brilliance, and a nervous temperament.  Patience is not the strong suit of this sign.  Aries moons are extremely fond of talking, and knowledgeable about a wide range of topic– but are tempered by a short attention span and an unwavering interest in the next new thing.  Aries moons are charming, and absolutely cannot stand restriction.   Because Rawr’s sun and moon are both fire signs, her energy is multiplied.

Rawr’s birthcards are “The Wheel and The Magician are exciting and intense, always interesting and full of surprises. Between them, they make things happen and constantly extend the range of the possible.  The Magician uses skill and intention to manipulate everything. The Wheel revels in every experience and accepts everything.  The Magician awakens and enlivens whatever he pays attention to. The Wheel is excited by whatever happens to it.  The Magician, human in form and scale, stands in one place and brings great things to pass with small gestures. The Wheel, galactic in size and shape, spins endlessly and experiences the smallest details of every unfolding drama.”

- http://www.tarotschool.com/Wheel_Magician.html


Rawr’s nakshatra is that of the Ashlesha, the most hypnotic sign.  This means her creativity is linked to ideas. This means she has the ability to look into the hidden secrets of nature.  It takes a lot to make an ashlesha angry, but if roused to hostility– it is best to stay well clear of them.  Ashlesha means “to embrace”.  This is a restless sign, always seeking answers, and forever seeking new ways to express their inner self.  Though the symbol is the serpent, the animal sign is the cat.


“Seven Of Diamonds belong to the special family of Seven. It means that their life does not follow the traits of 46 cards of the deck. It may feel as being an alien with ideas and set of values no one completely understands. No one can ever experience how it is to be on your place, except your soul twin. Only six other cards can truly share your deepest thoughts and feelings.

Their karma card – the Nine Of Heart – the card of Universal Love. The main question of your life is – money or love, love or money? Harmonization of these two subjects can become a life-time mission.”

- http://www.sevenreflections.com


Rawr has a destiny number of 3, so her mission is one of energizing and inspiration.  A number three will encourage others through optimism and enthusiasm, using inspirational creativity to make certain joy spreads to others.  A number three will find great opportunity in a situation that calls for their gift of words, because even if they are moody or critical, they are still called to embrace their destiny.  Rawr must remember to speak up, be positive, and encourage.


Rawr’s challenge number, at this stage in her development, is a #2– which is learning how to have a harmonious relationship without sacrificing true self.  It is a sign of fear, timidity, and lack of self-confidence.  There can be a struggle with reconciling the positive opinions of others with self-critiques.   The challenge here is to build a bridge between two forces, and then to maintain the balance.


Rawr’s soul is a solid 5.  5′s are sensual, and crave extraordinary variety.


Rawr’s Life Path number is a 1, derived from the Karmically-powerful 10.  The purpose of her is to create strength of self and independence, and luckily, her guiding star of 10 will see her through that goal.


Well. I’m not sure if that helped, but it sure was fun.  I like the idea of my blog living out a destiny removed from my own.

Have you given any thought to your blog’s destiny? Do you and my blog share any signs? Are there any of these readings that you’re unfamiliar with?

My Blog’s (O)ccult Destiny Like you, my blog has a name and a birthday. She was born on August 6th, 2012.

Because. Comments closed.


#darkskinredlip, forbrowngirls

A belated contribution to her project:

  • Because all people are beautiful.
  • Because being dark brown doesn’t stop me from wearing red lipstick, and because it shouldn’t stop anyone else who wants to.
  • Because the lack of representation of my skin color in cartoons, movies, and fancy fashion shows doesn’t mean I’m any less beautiful than those who are present.
  • Because I remember how I never used to…

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(N)avel Gazing… with your help

(N)avel Gazing - Blogging University, a secret post buried within a post, and a call for help from #teamRawr -


Recently, I signed up for WordPress’s Blogging University. For you– my best beloved reader– this means you’ll be bearing witness to much navel gazing as I dust and shine up my blog.


They broke up the courses into 101 type stuff, and 201 lessons.  I felt a tad ambitious jumping to 201– like a little girl in high heels– because in many ways, I still feel like a brand-new blogger. 

Everything is…

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(M)ugshots and Coffee

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rarasaur.wordpress.com, rarasaur, rara, on the road, guest blogging

… on the road again…

Today I’m sending you over to a newly formed website, which is really more of a collective art project than a blog.  I was directed to it by the confetti-sprinkling, twirl-happy, always-magical TJ Lubrano.

You can take part, too!

If you click this link, you’ll see a picture of me and my dinosaur toys– plus, you’ll learn a little bit about my love of coffee.


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(L)asting Everlasting


My books are laced with cocaine, I’ve been told–
the natural eventuality
of any paper product
that exchanges hands so often.

They don’t mind.

They tell the stories of
mind-bending drugs,
and mind-blowing sex,
and mind-altering
punk rock villains.

Books, like boys:
I’ve loved all types, at different times,
and sometimes at the same time.

But I’ve loved my love-books through the ages:
I am…

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#100HappyDays I am happy for the beautiful unexpected, like when I try to take a picture of a flower and get a snap of a #curious #cat instead.

#100HappyDays I am happy for the beautiful unexpected, like when I try to take a picture of a flower and get a snap of a #curious #cat instead.